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naskah drama bawang merah bawang putih versi English

A long time ago there was a village , the people called “BUMBU”. There was happy and prosperous family. They were Garlic’s Father , Onion’s Mother , Garlic’s Mother , Onion , and Garlic.
Garlic’s Father     : Mom , children , Father said goodbye to work. Be carefull at home !
Garlic’ Mother     : Okey , Dad carefull in the street. I will delivered lunch for you to market later.
Garlic                   : I hoped it sell father’s behavior.

Onion Father’s went to market to sell in the big store.

Garlic                   : Mom , I went to the river. Assalamu’alaikum.
Garlic’s mother    : Yes of course. Be carefull !

Garlic went to river for washing clothes. Behind the tree , Onion and her Mom were smiled of evil.

Onion’ Mother     : It was time for us to started plan.
Onion                   : Yes , Mom. As long  hurry Garlic’s Mother be alone!
Onion’s Mother    : Good morning , Mom. Was you alone?
Garlic’s Mother    : Ech , Onion’s Mother. Yes , Why Mom?
Onion                   : Mom , We brought yellow rice. It was very delicious.
Onion’s Mother    : Okay , Mom. Spend ! I made specially for Mom.
Galic’s Mother     : Wach , It seems delicious. Thank you , I would spend it. Let’s ate together.
Onion                   : ach , Mom. We have eaten. Better Aunt alone.
Onion’s Mother    : We were going to home now. Assalamu’alaikum.
Garlic’s Mother    : Wa’alaikumsalam. Thank you very much.

Garlic’s Mother ate yellow rice that.

Onion’s Mother    : Hahaha, serves yours! At soon , Your husband will marry me and the entire        estate will be mine!
Onion                   : Serves! And this was my changed to annoy Garlic.

At the moment , Garlic’s Mother died on that location.

Garlic                   : Mom !!!! Mom !!! Moooommmmm !!!! Woke up !!!
Garlic’s Father     : My wife !!! My wife !!!! Woke up !!!

After that Garlic’s Mother , Garlic’s Father married Onion’s Mother.

Garlic’s Father     : I received her marry with herbs set of dowry paid in cash.
Village Chief        : How to witness  ? Legitimate ?
Witness                : Legitimated . God bless you.

A few days later...

Onion’s Mother    : Hey , you was Garlic. You must cleaned floor as Onion. Swept it clean.
Onion                   : Alright.
Garlic                   : I will help you.
Onion                   : Don’t !
Onion’s Mother    : It has! Garlic here soon. Tou sat down with Mom and Dad.
Garlic’s Father     : Ach ! I must went to the market.
Onion’s Mother    : Ach , Drank tea , Dad !
Onion                   : Already ! Let’s went us to the river !
Garlic                   : For whatt ?
Onion                   : You had to accompany me.

Onion and Garlic went to the river , then Garlic’s Father drank tea that and died in this location.

Onion’s Mother    : Serves you ! Now , everything became my own.
Garlic                   : Daaaad !!! Dad , woke up – woke up !
Peri                      : See ! Later , there will disaster come Onion and her Mother
                             Because all they did will get rewarded. *tringgg

After Garlic’s Father died , Garlic always became maid in her alone home.

Onion’s Mother    : Heh Heh ! That floor still dirty. Alright donk !
Onion                   : If that swept must until clean up. ( while dropped tissue on the floor )
Garlic                   : Onion , stopped ! The floor will not be clean if you continue to dirty like this.
Onion’s Mother    : You dare ! Shut up ! Doing the right thing !
Onion                   : And don’t forget washed all my clothes ! Yes !

Onion’s Mother and Onion went the way to market , while Garlic had to take home work.

Good Chili           : Garlic – Garlic . You alright ?
Garlic                   : I’m fine. What is Good Chili ?
Good Chili           : I brought the harvest of the Prince’s Party invitation. Prince invited all the           resident in the this Bumbu village. You don’t forget to came ! If you can naot tell           Onion’s Mother and Onion. Let them knew taste !
Onion                   : What do you said ? Give me the invitation !
Onion’s Mother    : Hey , siblings ! Dare – How dare you ! Go there !
Good Chili           : You was really – really bad...
Garlic                   : Had Good Chili , Let’s go ! Toke me to the river.

Garlic and Good Chili went to the river.

Onion’s Mother    : Only two of us who can came in the this Harvest Festival. And Let the Garlic       alone here !

When the river Garlic and Good Chili met Bombay Onion , Bombay was good friend Onion.

Garlic                   : Bombay , How are you ?
Bombay               : It was good. Because there you was so bad !
Good Chili           : Regulary dech ! Garlic only asked kind !
Bombay               : You kept quiet ! Heh Garlic , That’s your foster mother clothes ?
Garlic                   : Yes , So what ?
Bombay               : I was borrow ?
Garlic                   : For what ?
Bombay               : For washed away. ( washed away Onion’s Mother clothes )
Good Chili           : Hey You ! What is wrong Garlic !
Garlic                   : Why did you do that ? Good Chili help me for chased the clothes wash.
Bombay               : I am sorry poor Garlic. This order of Onion.

Garlic and Good Chili continued to chased the clothes were washed clothes , but unfortunately it is washed away where.

Good Chili           : You have got upset by your foster mother.
Garlic                   : How is this ? Oh no , Mother would be farious me.
Good Chili           : Never mind. We had better go home.

Garlic went home and told his mother about the clothes that were washed away.

Onion’s Mother    : Basic child sloppy !
Garlic                   : I’m sorry , Mom.


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